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Walking through one of the maintenance facilities at the Eygelshoven Army Prepositioned Stocks-2 worksite, Gregory Hahn, the Eygleshoven APS-2 site director, briefs U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands Shefali Razdan Duggal, Nov. 28. “The ambassador’s key focus during her visit was on interpersonal relationships between the U.S. government and our host nation Dutch Ministry of Defense workforce and how we work together to accomplish the mission,” said Maj. James Maskovyak, AFSBn-Benelux executive officer and Support Operations officer. “She seemed very impressed.” (Photo by Charéll de Koster, USAG Benelux public affairs)
Emina Pecanin is a Logistics Readiness Center Wiesbaden Central Issue Facility supply technician, 405th Army Field Support Brigade. Pictured here, Pecanin sorts through CIF clothing and equipment at the Wiesbaden facility, Nov. 16, preparing it for turn-in to the Defense Logistics Agency in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Pecanin said making the decision to move from her home country of Croatia to Germany wasn’t easy, but five years later she’s glad she did. (U.S. Army Courtesy photo)
Some people light up a room when they enter the door, and Monika Gorczynski Spanier is one of them. Gorczynski Spanier is the property book office supervisor for Logistics Readiness Center Rheinland-Pfalz, 405th Army Field Support Brigade. She started working at LRC Rheinland-Pfalz in 1986 when it was called the Directorate of Logistics, 29th Area Support Group. (U.S. Army courtesy photo)
Antony Phoenix (right), the preservation team lead at Zutendaal Army Prepositioned Stocks-2 worksite, discusses a work project with one of his team members, carpenter Jurgen Van Hees. Phoenix is responsible for a team of six personnel, to include a carpenter. Their mission is to ensure all APS-2 equipment is preserved properly, in accordance with Army guidelines and regulations. (U.S. Army courtesy photo)
Joshua Calvert, who is currently working special duty as the Eygelshoven Army Prepositioned Stocks-2 worksite’s accountable officer, served in the Marine Corps in the mid ‘90s, then as a contractor at U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, for 10 years, and now as an Army civilian with the 405th Army Field Support Brigade. Pictured here, Calvert and a quality control specialist inspect the current vehicle configuration on a recently received mine-resistant ambush protected-all terrain vehicle at the APS-2 site. (U.S. Army courtesy photo)
Troy Furlow (front left), the Dülmen Army Prepositioned Stocks-2 worksite director, briefs German State Military Command North Rhine-Westphalia Commanding General Brig. Gen. Dieter Meyerhoff at the APS-2 worksite. Meyerhoff and other officials visited the Dülmen APS-2 worksite Oct. 26 to gain a better understanding of operations there. (U.S. Army courtesy photo)
Thomas Wattiez is a supply technician at Logistics Readiness Center Benelux’s property book office, 405th Army Field Support Brigade. The Belgian local national chose to leave his job with Google to pursue a job with the U.S. Army at Chièvres Air Base, Belgium. “I have the privilege to serve with the best Army in the world,” said Wattiez. (U.S. Army courtesy photo)
Horst-Georg Korn is the motor pool supervisor at Daenner Kaserne, serving U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz and the entire Kaiserslautern Military Community. The Logistics Readiness Center Rheinland-Pfalz German local national employee is scheduled to retire in early 2023 with nearly 45 years of service with the U.S. Army. He said fostering employee responsibility and independence is important for a healthy workforce.
During the week leading up to Veterans Day, multiple times daily the 405th Army Field Support Brigade highlighted some of its many Veterans who continue to serve as Army civilians and contractors with the brigade supporting operations across Europe. The Army’s culture is grounded in our values, and thanks to our Veterans these values are time tested and rock solid.
David Pagano, the 405th Army Field Support Brigade’s Logistics Civil Augmentation Program representative for the Wiesbaden area of operations, receives a cross-organizational award signed by U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden’s former commander and presented to him by the 405th AFSB commander, Col. Crystal Hills, at the U.S. Army Europe and Africa headquarters, Nov. 4. (Photo by SFC Guido Fermin)
The 21st Theater Sustainment Command commanding general, Maj. Gen. James Smith, praises the Soldiers from Bravo Company, 87th Division Sustainment Support Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade at the 405th Army Field Support Brigade’s Zutendaal Army Prepositioned Stocks-2 worksite in Belgium, Oct. 21. The Soldiers are returning home to Fort Stewart, Georgia, after about eight months in Europe supporting APS-2 operations. (U.S. Army courtesy photo)
Ron Diehl, the Dülmen Army Prepositioned Stocks-2 worksite maintenance manager, briefs German State Military Command North Rhine-Westphalia Commanding General Brig. Gen. Dieter Meyerhoff and U.S. Consulate General Düsseldorf Political and Economic Consul Chapman Godbey on tire maintenance and protection. Meyerhoff, Godbey and other officials visited the Dülmen APS-2 worksite Oct. 26 to gain a better understanding of operations there. (U.S. Army courtesy photo)
Contractors help load rail cars shipping out materiel in preparation for DEFENDER-Europe 22 exercise operations April 5, 2022, at Dülmen Army Prepositioned Stocks-2 worksite, Tower Barracks, Germany. Army Field Support Battalion-Germany assumed mission command of the Dülmen APS-2 worksite from Army Field Support Battalion-Mannheim, Oct. 21, 2021. (U.S. Army photo by Libby Weiler, USAG Benelux Public Affairs)
An artistic rendering provides a snapshot of what the new Army Prepositioned Stock-2 site in Powidz, Poland, will look like upon completion. One change not reflected in the rendering are the buildings’ rooftops. They will be slate green versus blue. Currently there are five APS-2 sites in four countries under the command and control of the 405th Army Field Support Brigade. The 405th AFSB will be responsible for this new APS-2 site, as well. (Courtesy of U.S. Army)
A formation of newly arrived Joint Light Tactical Vehicles lines up at Coleman Army Prepositioned Stocks-2 worksite, assigned to the 405th Army Field Support Brigade’s Army Field Support Battalion-Mannheim. More than 650 JLTVs arrived to the APS-2 site in May 2021.
Paolo Santoni provides an overview of Beretta’s customized shotguns to members of Logistics Readiness Center Italy as well as representatives from U.S. Army Garrison Italy and Southern European Task Force-Africa. (courtesy photo)
Arianna Cappetti is the lead labor union representative for Logistics Readiness Center Italy, 405th Army Field Support Brigade, in Livorno, Italy. She said when she solves a labor union problem for an employee and at the same time solves a problem for management, this is very satisfying. (Courtesy photo)
The deputy director of readiness, strategy and operations, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics (G-4), U.S. Army, visited the 405th AFSB, Sept. 23. Army Brig. Gen. Michelle Donahue received a briefing from 405th AFSB leaders and staff on the brigade’s new APS-2 site in Poland, DEFENDER-Europe 23 support, the Central Issue Facility reform initiative, fiscal year 2023 funding requirements, the Tele-Maintenance Distribution Cell-Ukraine, and more. Donahue will next visit the new APS-2 site and TDC-U in Poland.
The commander of the 405th Army Field Support Brigade made a site visit to the Humanitarian Assistance Program team in Livorno, Sept. 22. Pictured here, Col. Crystal Hills poses for a photo with the Livorno HAP team. (Courtesy photo)
Daniel Hirn is the newest apprentice to join Base Support Operations Maintenance, 405th Army Field Support Brigade. He started on Sept. 1 and his apprenticeship as a mechatronic is 3.5 years. The apprenticeship program allows apprentices to learn as they go, gaining critical on-the-job experience, and it helps to rejuvenate the BASOPS Maintenance workforce. (Courtesy photo)