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How to obtain a SETAF driver's license 


Step #1: Driver's Orientation

Personnel and dependents must complete a mandatory two-hour driver’s orientation course. The course provides an overview of driving laws in Italy, traffic patterns what to do in case of an accident and more. All US personal assigned to Italy, military and civilian personnel and their Family members need to complete this training:    https://www.dvidshub.net/video/755370/drivers-orientation

Course Hours: Tuesday thru Thursday, start time 1400 to 1530 Orientation is by Appointment only


Step #2: Driver's Test 

Personnel and dependent must pass the driving exam unless transferring from another European command.

Written Test DTTS by appointments only or Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) Driver Training Program Test (Common Access Cardholders only). Individuals are required to complete the testing process using only one of the available testing options. Mixing of the testing options is not permitted. Persons who begin testing at local community DTTS locations must complete the requirements there and may not switch to the online testing option.  Driver’s handbook to use when studying for this test:   www.afsbeurope.army.mil/Portals/30/drivers_guide_Italy.pdf?ver=2019-01-02-062300-720

(a)   The pamphlet includes a sample written test and all international road signs that will be in the test.

Test Hours: Daily start time 0830 for testing/begin in-processing Testing is by Appointment only

Obtaining a Motorcycle Endorsement:

To obtain a motorcycle endorsement to a U.S. Armed Forces in Italy certificate of license or be issued a motorcycle certificate of license, all Civilian personnel and Family members must have a motorcycle license or endorsement issued by a U.S. State or territory of the United States. 

All service members must have a motorcycle license or endorsement issued by a U.S. State or territory of the United States and a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic Rider Course (BRC) training card. The MSF BRC card does not expire. Additionally, Service Members must have either an Experienced Rider Course (ERC), a MSF BRC-II, Military Sport Bike Riders Course (MSRC) or a MSF Advanced Rider Course (ARC) card in order to receive their license. These advanced requirements for Service Members are valid for 5-years and the location of the training is immaterial to the issuance. All training cards presented to meet these requirements must be legible, unaltered in appearance, and its validity is subject to verification. Speak with the Driver's Testing center or the Garrison Safety Office for more details on the various courses and their offered locations.


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Outside of Italy

  • SETAF driver’s licenses are only valid in Italy and other NATO countries. However, not all NATO countries recognize SETAF licenses. If you plan to travel outside of Italy, you’ll need one of the following:

  • Apply once you arrive in Italy at the Driver’s License Office on the 2nd floor of the CPF building. Email completed form.

    Cost: 216€, valid for 10 years

  • If you’re overseas already, you must apply or renew your IDP by mail. For an application and mailing instructions, click here

    Cost: $20, renewed yearly