Army Field Support Battalion-Mannheim welcomes new commander
Spc. Dustin Freeman prepares garnishing during the final evaluation of the Philip A. Connelly Award competition.
Quality Assurance specialists play an essential role in supporting Soldiers with the best and most reliable equipment available.
405th AFSB issues more than 700 pieces of armored Army Prepositioned Stocks 2, March 23.
The 405th Army Field Support Brigade led a predeployment site survey at three of its Army Prepositioned Stock sites in support of U.S. Army Europe’s mission readiness, Feb. 4-8.
Soldiers line-up for lunch at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, Jan.9.

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AFSBn-Mannheim welcomes new commander
July 3, 2019

Clock Tower Café named one of the top two garrison dining facilities in the Army
May 30, 2019

AFSBn-Mannheim Quality Assurance specialists support combat readiness
April 25, 2019

405th AFSB issues APS-2 equipment to support Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise
March 28, 2019

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