405th AFSB issues more than 700 pieces of armored Army Prepositioned Stocks 2, March 23.
The 405th Army Field Support Brigade led a predeployment site survey at three of its Army Prepositioned Stock sites in support of U.S. Army Europe’s mission readiness, Feb. 4-8.
Soldiers line-up for lunch at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, Jan.9.
The Clock Tower Café dining facility team at Kleber Kaserne was presented with the U.S. Army Europe-level Phillip A. Connelly Award at, Kaiserslautern, Jan. 11.
The West African Logistics Network first day of full operative capability, at Accra, Ghana was Dec. 1 The WALN is a regional aerial distribution concept with spokes that allows to receive passenger and cargo.
Soldiers from the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command complete an inventory of medical equipment and supplies being stocked at Army Prepositioned Stock 2 (APS-2) Nov. 20.

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