Welcome to LRC - Bavaria: Supply and Services

The Supply and Services Division, or SSD, is responsible for day-to-day operations of Food Service, Organizational Clothing and Equipment, Installation Property Management, Installation Retail Supply Activities, and the Hazardous Material Management Program.  

Our Mission: The mission of the Supply and Services Division is to provide Supplies and Services to tenant and training units throughout the Grafenwoehr, Garmisch, Hohenfels and Vilseck communities.

Our Vision: Operationalizing Supply and Services throughout the LRC Bavaria logistics enterprise to support the warrior.





  • Central Issue Facility (CIF)
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      Mission: To enable Warfighter readiness through effective Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) support to all tenant and permanent units in USAG-Bavaria. Our goal is total satisfaction of our customers OCIE needs. Every effort will be made to satisfy all requests in a timely manner.

      In/Out processing procedures: The CIF operates the in/out-processing of personnel on an appointment basis. In/out- processing appointments are made by the Military Personnel Division (MPD).Civilians, Air Force Soldiers, and Reservists will need to contact the CIF directly to set up their CIF appointments for issue or turn-in. The MPD will make the appointment for OCIE turn-in and CIF clearing when you pick up your clearing papers. Date and time for your CIF appointment will be printed on your clearing papers.

      Direct Exchange, Partial Turn-Ins, Additional Issues: Walk-in operations on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at Vilseck and Tuesday and Friday at Hohenfels CIFs. No appointments necessary, 1st come first serve.

      Note: It is important to arrive on your scheduled In/Out processing appointment on time, as this ensures continuity of customer support. Please ensure that you reschedule missed appointment with MPD. Please contact the CIF if you will be 10 minutes late to your scheduled appointment to avoid being designated a No-Show. All No-shows have to reschedule with MPD.

      Unit Inventories: Commanders can assist the Central issue Facility by: 1. Inspect and inventory Soldiers’ OCIE when they are returning from Field Training Exercises (FTX) or when they are clearing.; 2. Ensure all authorized items on the OCIE Standard Issue List (OSIL) are on hand; 3. Ensure all issued OCIE is properly used and maintained. 4. Ensure OCIE is protected from loss, damage or destruction.

      Note:  IAW AR 710-2, 2-14M: Commanders will ensure that all individuals clear the OCIE issue point before departing the installation. The commander will ascertain that the individuals have all items of OCIE that are shown on the OCIE record. Missing items will be accounted for under AR 735–5. Soldiers may purchase items they are short from the military clothing sales store (MCSS) if available, however, these items remain the property of the U.S. Army.

      Clothing Record DA Form 3645: Soldiers can access their clothing record in AKO under Self Service – My Clothing – Individual Clothing Record. Soldiers can print a copy of unsigned OCIE record.  Soldiers should pay close attention to the authorized and OH quantity: This column informs the soldiers what equipment they are authorized. Also, pay close attention to the PCS and ETS transferrable column. If there is a Y designation soldiers are allowed to take equipment (HHG shipment) during ETS/PCS. If there is a N designation the soldier has to turn in equipment at the CIF as this impacts the stock record account and the CIF’s ability to reissue equipment. Note 1: If soldiers are unable to produce OCIE record in AKO, please have supply representative provide the CIF with the Information submission template. The template will have the soldiers DOD ID number and unit information. The CIF will submit a trouble ticket and notify unit supply representative once ticket is complete.

      Processing adjustment documents (DD Form 200, DD Form 362 Statement of Charges, Cash Collection voucher): Prepare necessary adjustment documents of all lost, damaged or destroyed OCIE issued to individuals. NOTE: Unit supply personnel are responsible for initiating Statements of Charges (SOC), and/or Cash Collection Vouchers (CCV, DD Form 362), and FLIPLs (DD Form 200),  IAW AR 735-5.