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Our Mission

  • Our Mission

    The Army Field Support Battalion-Benelux receives, stores, maintains, and issues Army Prepositioned Stocks- 2, or APS-2, (Less CL VIII);  assets, war reserve, operational project and sustainment stocks in order to enable Combatant Commander execution of contingency operations. On-order deploys personnel and establishes equipment configuration and hand of area, or ECHA, operation to enable theater operational plan.




   Lieutenant Colonel Blake Smith, Commander, Army Field Support Battalion-Benelux 

Full Biography

      Sergeant 1st Class Daneya McMillon, Senior Enlisted Advisor, Army Field Support Battalion-Benelux 


About us

The Army Field Support Battalion-Benelux, is one of the four battalions of the 405th Army Field Support Brigade and headquartered at Eygelshoven, Netherlands.

AFSBn-Benelux is charged with providing and coordinating receipt, transfer, storage, and maintenance of APS. This enables commanders to conduct unified action and perform a full range of military operations in support of U.S. Army Europe.

APS-2 Eygelshoven provides 450,000 square feet of climate-controlled warehouse space (nine warehouses), as well as 50,000 square feet of hardstand storage to hold and maintain equipment designated for an armored brigade.

APS -2 Zutendaal is set up to hold and maintain equipment designated for a sustainment brigade and encompasses 600,000 square feet of climate-controlled warehouse space (15 warehouses) as well as 40,000 square feet of hardstand storage.


Both APS-2 sites are part of the European Reassurance Initiative and facilitate NATO’s rapid deterrence options.

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    Mailing address:

    UNIT 21607, APO AE  09703-0003

    Physical address:

    Rimburgerweg 50, 6471 XX Eygelshoven, NL


    Front Office Number (Adjutant) - DSN (314) 597-3056 / CIV+ 31 (0) 455-34-1056