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Welcome to BASOPS MD Vehicle Inspection! 

Vehicles brought from the U.S., or purchased locally, must be registered with USAREUR. All shipped vehicles and used vehicles purchased in Germany must pass a mechanical safety inspection before they can be registered. A mechanical inspection must be completed not more than 75 days before registration renewal. Other than new vehicles, POVs may not bet registered for more than 24 months. POVs may be inspected and registered for a 24 months inspection. An inspection is also required when the registration has been canceled for failure to renew the registration or to provide proof of liability insurance. U.S. Forces members may obtain a courtesy inspection before selling or buying a U.S. Forces-registered POV or before buying a German-registered POV if the POV is properly registered and operational. 

  • Inspection Requirements

    Inspectors will not inspect a vehicle that does not have a valid registration. 

    POVs must carry a first-aid kit that meets or exceeds German legal. 

    POVs must carry an approved portable, reflectorized warning triangle and reflectorized vest. 

    Vehicles weighing more than 3.5 metric tons will be rejected if they are not equipped with an approved warning triangle, four-way flasher, or portable flashing lamp. 

    If a POV fails a thoroughly completed mechanical inspection, the inspector will conduct a reinsertion only for the deficiencies listed on the validated AE Form 190-1H or AE Form 190-1I unless the inspection period exceeds 30 days.

    Previously inspected vehicles exceeding the 30-day period must undergo a complete new inspection.
  • POV Ownership Transfers

    The buyer may have the POV inspected and receive a 1-year POV registration or accept the seller’s inspection (unless it is within 60 days before expiration) and receive a POV registration with the seller’s expiration date.

    POVs must be inspected if the transfer occurs within 60 days before the seller’s POV registration expiration date.

    When a POV being transferred is 10 or more model years old the POV must pass a safety inspection within 30 days immediately before the date of transfer.


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