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NEWS | May 7, 2024

Always Ready, Already There: The Army Prepositioned Stock-2

By CPT Michael Mastrangelo 405th Army Field Support Brigade

The Army Prepositioned Stock-2 (APS-2) program is the logistical foundation of the U.S. Army Europe’s commitment to readiness, capability, and regional security. Designed to provide swift and decisive support to the warfighter, APS-2 simultaneously fosters regional stability and security.

By strategically positioning vital equipment and supplies, APS-2 ensures that U.S. forces can respond to emerging threats in designated theaters. Prepositioning stocks in strategic locations ensures that Soldiers have the right equipment and materials in the right location to win on the battlefield.

Capt. Daniel Holmes explained, “The difficulty presented to Army organizations when moving equipment can be detrimental to timelines and deployment. Army Prepositioned Stock eases the strategic lift requirements for deploying units.”

The ability to arrive in theater and receive combat-ready equipment creates an advantageous position for U.S. troops to respond from various locations around the globe and enables units designated to serve as Immediate Response Forces to train and prepare for rapid deployment. The program bridges the gap between logistical readiness at home stations and establishes a ready theater able to receive large amounts of troops. At its core, APS-2 is a force multiplier, significantly reducing deployment timelines and enhancing deterrence capabilities.

“The equipment staged here is maintained at a high state of readiness,” said Lt. Col. Blake Smith, the battalion commander of the Army Field Support Battalion-Benelux. “Soldiers and leaders are able to arrive in theater with confidence that they will be handed fully mission capable equipment.”

One of the critical advantages of APS-2 is its ability to provide additional combat power for contingency operations. Specifically, in times of crisis, U.S. forces have immediate access to the resources they need to execute missions and protect U.S. interests effectively. APS-2 can support various missions and organizations and can tailor the delivery of equipment and supplies based on the needs of the warfighter. APS-2 supply distribution centers are stocked with the supplies necessary to respond in support of anything from natural disasters to combat operations.

Agile logistics are crucial in the decision-making process of combatant commanders and Army leadership. Maintaining forward and ready equipment, munitions, and materiel increases the speed and flexibility of the Army during times of cooperation, competition, and conflict, which allows the Army to protect critical assets against future threats.

In a time of uncertainty and aggression, APS-2 plays a pivotal role in assuring partners and allies of the unwavering commitment of the U.S. to the collective security of Europe.

“Prepositioned stocks in strategic locations assures our allies and partners that we are committed to collective security,” said Smith. “Accelerating the ability to deploy combat-ready formations, with combat-ready equipment delivers a clear message of readiness to our adversaries.”

The APS-2 program continues to improve daily and enhances the U.S. military’s capabilities while also promoting stability, security, and cooperation across Europe and Africa. By investing in readiness and deterrence, the U.S. reaffirms its commitment to defending its national interests and safeguard peace and prosperity.