LRC Baumholder Contact

Quartermaster Kaserne, Bldg. 8724 Baumholder
Contact: Director, Logistics Readiness Center
DSN: 485-1540 / Civ: (06783) 6-1540
Administrative Support Assistant
DSN: 485-1540 / Civ: (06783) 6-1540






405th Army Field Support Brigade Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) Baumholder
Logistics Readiness Center (LRC), a field operating activity under the 405th Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB), provides installation logistics services to sustain unit readiness, ensure responsive force generation, and improve quality of life in our communities."

Services are provided for:
Central Issue Facility
Driver's Testing
Food Service
Subsitence Supply Management Office (SSMO)
Installation Property Book Office
Plans and Operations
Quality Control (QC) Personal Property
Installation Transportation Office
Transportation Motor Pool
Transportation In / Out Processing (PPPO, POV Shipping, and Port Calls)

Logistics Readiness Center Baumholder
Unit 23746, Box 0017
APO AE 09034 
                                Baumholder Military Community
Quartermaster Kaserne, Bldg 8724
Aulenbacher Strasse
55774 Baumholder Germany