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Our Mission

  • Our Mission

    The Army Field Support Battalion-Benelux receives, stores, maintains, and issues Army Prepositioned Stocks- 2, or APS-2, (Less CL VIII);  assets, war reserve, operational project and sustainment stocks in order to enable Combatant Commander execution of contingency operations. On-order deploys personnel and establishes equipment configuration and hand of area, or ECHA, operation to enable theater operational plan.




Lieutenant Colonel Blake Smith, Commander, Army Field Support Battalion-Benelux  

Lieutenant Colonel Blake Smith assumed the duties as commander of the Army Field Support Battalion-Benelux in June 2022. A native of North Carolina, LTC Smith graduated from Wake Forest University in 2004 and commissioned as a quartermaster officer. Full Biography


Sergeant Major Alejandro Romar, Senior Enlisted Advisor, Army Field Support Battalion-Benelux 

Sergeant Major Alejandro Romar assumed responsibility as the Army Field Support Battalion Benelux Senior Enlisted Advisor on 16 July 2022. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1998, and attended One Station Unit Training at Fort Benning, Georgia, for the MOS 11B (Infantryman). Full Biography


About us

The Army Field Support Battalion-Benelux, is one of the four battalions of the 405th Army Field Support Brigade and headquartered at Eygelshoven, Netherlands.

AFSBn-Benelux is charged with providing and coordinating receipt, transfer, storage, and maintenance of APS. This enables commanders to conduct unified action and perform a full range of military operations in support of U.S. Army Europe.

APS-2 Eygelshoven provides 450,000 square feet of climate-controlled warehouse space (nine warehouses), as well as 50,000 square feet of hardstand storage to hold and maintain equipment designated for an armored brigade.

New arrivals to the ​ site can obtain newcomer's information from the servicing garrison for that installation, USAG Benelux, here.

APS -2 Zutendaal is set up to hold and maintain equipment designated for a sustainment brigade and encompasses 600,000 square feet of climate-controlled warehouse space (15 warehouses) as well as 40,000 square feet of hardstand storage.


Both APS-2 sites are part of the European Reassurance Initiative and facilitate NATO’s rapid deterrence options.


New arrivals to the Eygelshoven and Zutendaal APS-2 sites can obtain newcomer's information from the servicing garrison for those installations, USAG Benelux, here.

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    Mailing address:

    UNIT 21607, APO AE  09703-0003

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    Rimburgerweg 50, 6471 XX Eygelshoven, NL


    Front Office Number (Adjutant) - DSN (314) 597-3056 / CIV+ 31 (0) 455-34-1056