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The 405th Army Field Support Brigade operationalizes Army Materiel Command capabilities and delivers anticipatory readiness to U.S. Army Europe and U.S. Army Africa, at the tactical point of need.


The 405th Army Field Support Brigade is an agile and anticipatory organization delivering the Army's logistics enterprises to Europe and Africa. 



The Logistics Assistance Program provides technical support for all Army fielded equipment, to include early detection and resolution of problems that have an adverse impact on unit readiness.


The Army Prepositioned Stocks Program builds strategically prepositioned critical war stocks to reduce response times as part of the European Reassurance Inactive and facilitates NATO’s rapid deterrence initiative.


The Logistics Civil Augmentation Program provides Base Life Support and Sustainment Services to deployed forces, during contingency operations within EUCOM and AFRICOM to support U.S. national strategic objectives.


The Logistics Readiness Center is responsible for managing installation logistics: supply, maintenance, transportation, food service, clothing issue facility, hazardous material, personal property/household goods, passenger travel, non-tactical vehicles, and garrison equipment. 


Delivering the Army's Logistics Enterprise in Europe and Africa!