LRC Bavaria Logistics Automation Support Center (LASC) / Sustainment Automation Support Management Office (SASMO)

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Grafenwoehr Logistics Automation Support Center (LASC)
  • Tower Barracks, Bldg. 301
  • DSN: 475-7689 / Civ: 09641-83-7689 or  EMAIL Us
  • Mon-Fri: 0730-1130 & 1230-1600
  • Closed on US and German Holidays
Vilseck Logistics Automation Support Center (LASC)
  • Rose Barracks, RSSA Bldg. 113
  • DSN: 476-2424/ Civ: 09662-83-2424 or  EMAIL Us
  • Mon-Fri: 0730-1130 & 1230-1600
  • Closed on US and German Holidays
Hohenfels Logistics Automation Support Center (LASC)
  • Camp Albertshof, SSMO Bldg. 1188
  • DSN: 466-2431 / Civ: 09472-83-2431 or  EMAIL Us
  • Mon-Fri: 0730-1130 & 1230-1600/li>
  • Closed on US and German Holidays

Our Mission is to provide Logistics Information System (LIS) support to all customers, tactical and non-tactical, within the LRC Bavaria area of responsibility (AOR). LIS support provided includes but is not limited to, system administration, hardware/software troubleshooting and analysis, operation and maintenance, functional and technical assistance (help desk) and fielding of new systems and RESET support . In addition, support is provided to training units and units without organic SASMO support throughout the AOR.

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Logistics Readiness Center Bavaria
Unit 28131
APO AE 09114-8131
Logistics Readiness Center Bavaria
US Lager Grafenwoehr, Geb 301
92655 Grafenwoehr